• Unmerge by approval when a leading person is removed from the source
  • Ability to use all contract fields to determine primary contract
  • A message is shown when another user has changed the business rules before publishing
  • When days before/after are configured before switching they will be applied to the inactive filter
  • Intellisense in source mapping
  • No audit log records in reports in trainingscluster
  • Returning an audit log record from PowerShell target system without a message would result in an error processing the result of the action
  • Prevent publishing of a rule if the UI is displaying older configuration
  • Manager isn't set on a merged person
Service Automation
  • Enhanced security Service Automation cloud infrastructure
  • Added option to remove chosen item from dropdown list
  • Make 'Show summary' an optional condition in Delegated Forms
  • Sending email with local agent not working on HelloID Training cluster
  • Issue with PowerShell data source resolving tenant information details
  • Authorization issue for uploading an icon for self service products
  • DateTime form element not displayed correctly for none English languages
  • Broken company logo in approval emails
  • Conditional visibility not saved correctly for checkboxes
  • Email input form element does not allow capitals
Access Management
  • Support for content security policies in the header
  • Support IP6
  • Support DNS Sec
  • Add audit logging to WS-Fed and WS-Trust login attempts
  • Allow manage reports users to create saved searches
  • Added navigation links on the reports page
  • Only show open incidents on the dashboard
  • Added a new general section for reports
  • Reports are now available via 443 port
  • The agent installer update will keep current settings on services
  • Custom domains & certificates will be automatically updated on next Monday outside working hours
  • Get user API call returns deleted or disabled users instead of the active user
  • Get user enrollment will not always return all the linked applications because of caching
  • Issues with Azure Ad Scim sync