• Support up to 30.000 persons in the vault (See documentation after release for other limits)
  • Support up to 200.000 accounts in correlation report
  • To manage provisioning you need to enable the provisioning rights in a role
  • Added import and snapshot audit reports to elastic
  • Added canceled state for imports
  • Added source import logging limit
  1. Scheduled: 100 logs max, warning + error only
  2. Manual: 100.000 logs max, all levels
  • Display name not shown on blocked persons
  • Contract Priority Logic not working correctly when using 0 in sequence value and the FTE, Hours per week, Percentage has value 0
  • Contracts overview in Person details view does have an issue with height when having multiple contracts
Service Automation
  • Reduced load on HelloID infrastructure by reducing polling calls from Directory Agent for Automation Tasks
  • Add configurable options to the "comment" field in product summary
  • Add product request, approval and deny comments in Elastic reports
  • Add support for email notifications using SA (cloud) agent
  • Automatically Delegated Form task retry when local SA agent is back online
  • Add form data to elastic reports for Self Service Products
  • Delegated form tasks can now be retried when previously succeeded
  • Pending delegated form tasks can now be cancelled
  • Form names in Delegated Form activity overview are not always displayed
  • Email approval buttons are visible in some cases when they shouldn't
  • Elastic custom audit message from Delegated Form task is missing "isError" and "activityId" properties
  • PowerShell data source execution in editor did not worked anymore for cloud agent
  • Fixed an issue where intellisense mapping did not work anymore in a very specific situation
  • Approval Workflow configuration screen did not load anymore
  • HelloID incident not closed after successful task execution
  • Write-Information; Write-Error; Write-Warning and Write-Verbose now support complex objects in their responses (shown in the logs as json-strings)
Access Management
  • A incident is only shown when a general HelloID issue takes place in the same region as the portal exists in
  • All mails send or attempts from all modules are stored in our report engine and visible as report under the Access Management section
  • Support sending admin notifications to all tenants in a particular tenant region
  • We changed the time and date selection in our report engine (using the default of Elastic)
  • The ability to search data in a report with a new search bar
  • Add support for domain hint in Azure OIDC IDP
  • We prevent the creation of new tenants when we are releasing a new version of the management portal
  • We prevent the selection of already assigned subscriptions to other tenants in the management portal
  • Tenant name is added to the subscription of a PAYG invoice (makes it easier to see for which tenant the invoice is)
  • A notification is sent to cleanup HelloID tenants when tenant is more than 3 months expired