• Updated the default post PowerShell scripts to include entitlementContext variable
  • Updated the default Powershell permission script so that the reference in case of sub permissions are working the same for all scripts.
  • Improved auto-save functionality
  • Support for null values (Seen as furthest in the future) on an end date when calculating the primary contract
  • Option to disable a Target system so no new actions will be executed but the entitlement state will be preserved.
  • Improvement performance of the snapshot overview and various other screens
  • For improved performance and user convenience, the contract mapping preview now displays a single selectable contract instead of the whole person model including all contracts
  • Improved customer logging for snapshots
  • Identification of a person (external id) was stored for a maximum of five releases now it's stored for a period of three months. So if a person returns within three months it's seen as the same person as before and the logging is still visible.
  • Warning not shown when getting groups in the AD target connector has too many results without searching
  • Evaluation report link from the email does not load
  • Notification center for schedules did not always display schedule started messages
  • Reopening an email template after saving with a reference to a system shows an id instead of the name of the system
  • Autocomplete isn't fully working when mapping the source
  • Extra component: Agent Tag to HelloID incident when Agent is offline
  • Removed detailed agent logging (script & parameters) when any Powershell script fails
Service Automation
  • Changed mechanism for internal authentication between SA services. This was the main cause for the recent HelloID SA instability.
  • Enhanced API support for product assignment and product task running
  • Removed "Configurable in form" option for PowerShell data source inputs
  • Create HelloID incident on Delegated Form task failure using new SA agent
  • Add link from HelloID incident (on Delegated Form task error) to corresponding Delegated Form activity
  • Send message to Elastic when a product is returned
  • Remove "Directory Configuration" option from Delegated Form
  • Add warning in product edit screen if resource owner group is empty
  • Enhanced reliability for storing SA-Audit messages to Elastic reporting
  • Product time limit interferes with hide approval buttons in approval email
  • Security enhancement retrieving data source information in front-end client
  • Added validation for invalid duallist data source configuration using API end-point and form editor
  • DateTime element not displayed in correct language
  • Default Product action send email no longer supports multiple to-addresses (hot fixed)
  • Add extra Tag to HelloID incident when Agent is offline
  • Removed unsupported image icon for Markdown form element
  • Dutch translation for managed users page
  • Missing request history timeline card for returned state using DeleteProductOwnership API
  • Product assign fails (Admin portal) when the product has an action configured in the requested state
  • Conditional visibility between 2 grids is not saved correctly on first time
  • Readonly textinput field shows "no value" in form when summary setting is "Hide value"
  • Checkbox FormControl is editable on read-only display
Access Management
  • Validate headers when importing CSV with tokens
  • License usages are now of a type integer in the audit logging. With this, we're able to use them in reports
  • Support accounts are now automatically revoked after 24 hours for security reasons.
  • Tenant domain is added to the subject of an email that is sent when an incident occurs
  • Removed request secure access button when configuring an application (requesting proxy at support)
  • License usages are missing from audit logging
  • Azure AD SCIM Directory Synchronization failed for some tenants
  • Extra component: Agent Tag to HelloID incident when Agent is offline