• Pre on/off-boarding notifications
  • Notification in account delete event
  • Description of business rules
  • Ability to transfer to a new leading person when approving a suggestion.
  • Ability to manually transfer to a different person within existing aggregation configuration
  • deleteDiacriticalMarks automatically replace the ß with ss
  • Allow Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.WebRequestSession and System.Uri types in PowerShell Cloud
  • Notification email editor improvements
  • Limit target logging:
  • 1. Manual (retry entitlement & preview): 500 per action + all levels
  • 2. Scheduled (enforcement & force update): 100 per action + only error and warning levels
  • Convert to string option was available for non-custom fields which could trigger a person(s) update
  • A creation of a snapshot with zero persons causes the snapshot to never end and prevents the creation of a new snapshot
  • it's possible to start a second enforcement when the first one is still running
  • it's possible to start a second permission update when the first one is still running
  • Action is stuck in evaluating when a grant or update is forced for an entitlement of a deleted person
  • Security improvements
  • MFA (user choice) shows only English text
Service Automation
  • End-of-Life: Built-in Delegated Forms
  • Open new product request by specific URL
  • Visibility disabled users in Managed Users / Products
  • Add "source" property to Product Request API
  • Add support for providing Product action name using API
  • Improved stability of SA Agent connections
  • Delegated Form activity overview does not show user correctly in some cases
  • Sometimes an empty message is sent when using the webhook for incidents