• Automatic merging of persons
  • Only show manageable groups for AzureAD connector
  • Create resources (combinations)
  • Combination between blocked actions and enforcement could result in evaluating actions that are never executed
  • Error publishing existing Business Rule
Service Automation
  • Support "SetPassword" as an action in the custom Audit messages
  • Add Delegated Form opened event to Elastic reporting
  • Ask for confirmation on a product return
  • All occurrences of "resource manager" are now renamed to "resource owner"
  • Added a new native data source "HelloID Users"
  • Some privileges in Service Automation are cached and are not reset on logoff -> logon
  • Task variable types in delegated form show as [Object object]
  • Exception is not shown when creating an audit log record in which the field type is not a string
  • Delegated Forms: Task reports Pending although no task is configured
  • Forms with an email field cannot be submitted
  • Emails sent with send-email task have a broken company logo
  • If the requester is one of the resource owners that should approve the request other resource owners receive a mail notification for approval
  • Multistep form validation is blocking form navigation
  • Value of conditionally visible grid not shown in form data in the activity overview
  • Approve / deny comments not working when request comment is hidden
Access Management
  • Added extra logging when processing webhooks
  • Sync EmployeeID and Manager attributes in AzureAD-> HelloID (Pending approval from Microsoft we still have to make manuals adjustments to the Azure AD app)
  • Deprecate: Iframe integration
  • Login to the report engine now shows an option to logoff when we detect you're logged in as another user