Service Automation

Add Information Tag to Fields of a Dynamic Form
Currently, users are unable to access detailed information or contextual help directly within the dynamic form fields of HelloID Service Automation. This lack of in-form guidance can lead to confusion or errors during form completion. For example, for a selection field labeled "visibility," it would be beneficial to provide detailed information about each selectable option. Proposal: Information Tag Icon : Introduce an icon (e.g., a question mark or info symbol) adjacent to dynamic form fields that users can hover over or click to access additional information. Hover Tooltip : Implement a tooltip that appears when users hover over the information tag, providing a brief description or guidance related to the field. Clickable Pop-up : For more detailed instructions, enable the information tag to open a pop-up window with comprehensive information when clicked. Rich Text Support : Ensure that the information tag content supports rich text formatting, including links, bullet points, and other formatting options to enhance readability. Customizable Content : Allow administrators to easily add, edit, or remove content from the information tags through the form design interface. Visibility Options : Provide options to control the visibility of the information tag (e.g., always visible, only on focus, etc.). Benefits: Improved User Experience : Users can quickly understand what is required for each field, reducing confusion and input errors. Increased Efficiency : Reduces the need for users to seek external help or documentation, streamlining the form completion process. Enhanced Guidance : Allows administrators to provide specific and relevant information directly within the form, tailored to the context of each field.
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